Translation from English to Hungarian, Hungarian to English, professional Business & Finance translation

Translation from English to Hungarian, Hungarian to English, professional Business & Finance translation

Why should you assign your linguistic projects to me?

Translation has been a part of my life for quite a few years now. Until the very day I launched my own translation business in 2012, I had dealt with a variety of activities, thus my translation is supported by several different aspects of my career:

As someone with a PhD in Economics, I know what research is… even during translation: I thoroughly dig myself into the topic of the ongoing translation project, with careful vocabulary and with due enthusiasm to explore a new field, as the case may be. I am a life long learner. The last time I learned something new, it was… see below.

As a former volunteer in another field of my life, I know how valuable it is to go the extra mile. Moreover, as part of the social responsibility of my business, I am willing to support valuable causes with pro bono translations… see below.

As a trained counsellor, I communicate readily and with ease: getting and keeping in touch and discussing the project appropriately are high priority.

As a mother, I know how important flexibility is: it's second skin. Imagine the benefits of this in a translation project.

Did you know, that companies, individuals and different entities, organisations translate and release more and more texts each year? The translation or linguistic service sector is enormous, its turnover doubled between 2009 and 2019. Each and every day, texts in different formats are on the way: corporate communication materials, mailings, web sites, notices travel the world and become translated from one language to another.

As a professional Business & Finance translator, I firmly believe that the world would be a better place if we understood each other better.

Who can benefit from working with me?

Patik Réka fordítói szolgáltatások egyéni ügyfeleknek

Individual clients:

  • Business mailings, price quotes, websites, CVs, blog posts, etc.

  • Monolingual review: checking and fine-tuning (linguistically and grammatically) the texts to be published in Hungarian

  • I’m happy to deal with texts outside of the realm of Economics and Business, if I have sufficient background knowledge (e.g. scuba diving, sustainable buildings, childbirth, infant care and feeding, baby wearing)

Patik Réka fordítói szolgáltatások fordítóirodáknak

Translation agencies, LSPs:

  • I translate Business and Finance related texts from English to Hungarian as your freelance vendor

  • Over 10 years of full-time experience, several hundreds of thousands of words translated, proofread or post-edited each year

  • Translation, proofreading, MTPE

  • CAT tools used: Trados Studio 2021, memoQ 9.9, SDL Passolo 2018, XTM, Memsource, Smartling, MateCat

Patik Réka fordítói szolgáltatások szabadúszó szakfordítóknak

Freelance translators in my home town, Kecskemét (Hungary):

  • Come and join our Facebook group. Let’s get to know and support each other, and meet in person (have a coffee), when the time is right for such things.

I keep learning new things

I’m a happy life long learner, and find fulfilment in improving the quality of my translations through the things I learn.

My recent learning experiences that allowed me to explore a new field or to dig deeper into a known one:

Mindig tanulok valami újat

Social responsibility

As part of my commitment to be socially responsible, I’m happy to offer gratis translation to support various initiatives related to topics including but not limited to pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, baby wearing, or organic agriculture, environment protection, sustainable buildings.

Patik Réka Társadalmi felelősségvállalás
The green roof of my office in May

Let me know, what kind of text it is you need my help with:

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    © dr. Patik Réka sole proprietor   
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