Quite unexpectedly,

you have just found an Easter egg on my website!

This is the secret place where I would like to tell the story behind the waves on my logo, and what water and translation have in common. As in fact, this might feel a bit odd.

In the 2020s, translated texts travel the world digitally just like letters, documents and books used to be carried by ships on the sea. Today, every message can be sent by “digital seas”, this is how the notion of manuscripts travelling around the globe by sea and (digital) texts conveying waves of thoughts have a lot in common for me.

While working on a translation project, I immerse myself into the text. Words and ideas to be translated surround me, I’m in a flow, as I plunge into this milieu.

I often believe that a translator’s job is very much like water that follows the form of the vessel: my work always reflects the specific expectations of the current assignment (in style, character count, terminology, etc.), as the client requests. One could say: I fill the vessel my client puts on the table with the text I create.

American writer Ursula K. Le Guin says that ideas construing a text swim in a deep sea like fish, and we can “catch them in nets of words, and swing them shining into the boat.” It’s a beautiful idea, isn’t it?



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© dr. Patik Réka sole proprietor    
6000 Kecskemét Máriahegy tanya 188/a    info@patikreka.hu     +36204332958